My name is Mike DeHaan and I am a real estate investor in Spokane, Washington. I began my business in early 2018 with the goal everyone begins with, to have passive income, and fell in love with the process of improving the neighborhoods in my home town. Since I began, I have been a part of over 60 transactions either through flipping, renting, or assigning the contract.

I didn’t come from a Real Estate family. The growth and development of my business has come entirely from self education through podcasts, books, mentors, and a ton of trial and error. 

My goal is simple, I want to be a driving force in the growth and reparation of the Inland Northwest. When I first moved to Spokane in 2009, there were more run down neighborhoods than thriving ones. Over the past decade that’s changed, but there’s still a lot left to do. 

I’m constantly working to find more projects and grow my network. If you are interested in working with together on a project or learning more about investing then feel free to reach out.

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